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IT Granules - NS Record Lookup

What is NS Record?

An NS (Name Server) record is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record used to delegate a domain or a subdomain to a set of authoritative name servers. These authoritative name servers are responsible for providing information about the domain's DNS settings, including details such as IP addresses associated with the domain and other DNS records.

NS Record Lookup

NS record lookup refers to the process of querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to retrieve the Name Server (NS) records associated with a specific domain. NS records specify the authoritative name servers responsible for storing and providing DNS information for a domain.


NS records are used to delegate the responsibility for a domain or subdomain to a set of authoritative name servers. These name servers store and serve the DNS records for that domain.


When a DNS resolver needs to find information about a domain, it initiates an NS record lookup to discover the authoritative name servers for that domain. The lookup returns a list of name servers associated with the domain.


An NS record includes the domain name of the authoritative name server. For example: IN NS

Multiple NS Records:

A domain can have multiple NS records, each pointing to a different authoritative name server. This provides redundancy and load balancing.

TTL (Time-to-Live):

NS records, like other DNS records, include a Time-to-Live value, specifying how long the information can be cached by DNS resolvers or other servers.


NS records are configured in the DNS settings of a domain's authoritative name servers. Changes to NS records are typically made by domain administrators or through domain registrars.


Once the authoritative name servers are identified through NS record lookup, further DNS queries can be made to these servers to retrieve information such as IP addresses (A or AAAA records), mail servers (MX records), or other DNS records associated with the domain.