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IT Granules - MX Record Lookup

What is MX Record?

MX (Mail Exchange) record is a DNS entry that directs email traffic for a domain to specific mail servers. It consists of a priority value and the domain name of the mail server. Lower priority values indicate higher priority, and multiple MX records offer redundancy in case of server unavailability. MX records play a key role in ensuring proper email delivery.

MX Record Lookup

MX record lookup involves querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to retrieve Mail Exchange (MX) records for a domain. These records specify the mail servers responsible for receiving emails.

Purpose and Process:

When an email is sent, the sending mail server performs an MX record lookup to discover the mail servers designated for the recipient's domain. Each MX record includes a priority value and the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the mail server.

Multiple MX Records and Redundancy:

Domains can have multiple MX records, offering redundancy and failover options. The priority values determine the order in which mail servers are contacted. If the primary server is unavailable, the next one with a lower priority is attempted.


MX records are configured in the DNS settings of a domain's authoritative name servers. Administrators manage these records to ensure proper email routing.

MX record lookup is a critical step in the email delivery process, ensuring that emails are directed to the correct mail servers associated with the recipient's domain.